Interview: Loose Tongues with "Izabelle" || Guest "Prince Vns"

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On this week episode of Loose Tongue with IZabelle, we had a chat with a very talented individual who has made alot of waves in the Nigerian musical environment due to his versatility, sleek voice and his method of delivery. 


His name is Prince VNS, Here are 10 Questions and Answers.

1. What got you into music and what else aside that do you do?

Prince VNS >> Okay emmm everyone in my house sings so I just had to follow on that page, coming up while in secondary school I listened to CLASSIQ more often he was another inspiration to go into music.

Aside music am a Model, a designer and the CEO of AV MODELING.

2. Who/what was your inspiration then and now?

Prince VNS >> Just as I said in the previous question CLASSIQ was my inspiration and now I do more of GRACE CARTER and JORJA SMITH.

3. Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? How did you handle it?

Prince VNS >> *3*. Okay emmm it’s not actually funny but at that point heart will wanna pop out your chest, I just say to my myself you got this boy you got this.

Believe when I step on stage and I hear screams it’s a automatic boost of confidence but when the crowd ain’t cheering, nervousness just gon nail you up there.

4. What is your view of the Kaduna industry and which artist are you never going to work with?

Prince VNS >> *4*.Kaduna industry, I can only say we don’t have each other’s back, as for me if I see my fellow KD artiste tryna make wavy I try to help push and if you don’t see the positive vibe am tryna pull out I work, everybody wanna be the one at the top *‘’ you no wan see another person pass you, if you help push am e make way e brain e ring come back who give em hand go up’’* 

And I don’t have an artiste in mind that I can’t work with to be honestly. 

5. So far, what project or accomplishment do you consider the most significant in your career?

Prince VNS >> This one goes to *EMPTY* it made a big wave for me....brought me out....sound went all the way to America, Germany and London just ending last year it was played on London legacy fm that was like !!———— can’t explain the feeling though.

6. Mention 5 kd acts you really think the world should give a listening ear to.

Prince VNS >> *6*. Emmy jay, Phonzie milky boi, Tedywonder, jhusteen b, ish baba. 

7. What advice would you give your younger self?

Prince VNS >> I would be like yoh young me you should have listened more of singer not rappers

8. Of the many things you do, which one makes your heart beat faster?

Prince VNS >> I would say directing my models, at times they just drive me nuts and when am pissed and I don’t react my beat start starts to pound.

9. What genre of music do you do?

Prince VNS >> You might say how? But I do all except Opera.

10. What advice do you have for fans out there and the industry at large?

Prince VNS >> For my fans out there am coming with another EP soon *IS THIS IT?*.

And for the industry I would say *make we look sharp help ourselves nobody go leave e base con push us. 




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