This is the 21st Piece Off The "Hamlord Series" By Jesse Josh

I lost interest in football long ago since the likes of @danielamokachi stopped playing. ...Growing up in badarawa/malali in Kaduna state (the black bull) was the headline for us and one of the major inspiration for us to play soccer and become so rich and strong because The bull was a typical example of that; a youth from the street who got signed into the National team and his game was amazing.

 we virtually trekked all over the neighborhood once we hear him coming to play, we even play this bottle crown (kanta) soccer game at home and when it gets to preparing the bull we all agreed to add some gum, earth and rubber around to make it very strong because of how he was highly perceived. 

He was one of the first people to inspire so many of us to become valuable to the society and when you remember him you would like to be rich too. 

Baba scored the first UEFA goal in the history of football and did so much until he broke his leg and couldn't play again. Now he didn't want to stop but life did and I always knew that he would have done more for Nigeria. 

People like the black bull should be immortalised with huge city sculptures and their names should be written on all the walls of Nigeria for their own time was different and they played for the sake of patriotism and not 'money' so, I choose to celebrate you while you are still alive! a legend from my home, a confirm Hamlord from kaduna with so much greatness. I will never take knowing you for granted.

Note: this is the 21st piece off my ongoing #hamlordseries of 30 solid acrylic on canvas paintings with a major exhibition coming through this year.

Just 9 more pieces to go!!! Title: Nokterrabull

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 4 x 4 ft

Extra feature: the left Nok terracotta eye glows in the dark

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