Video >> Eff Ell – Forever

So Eff-Ell's Management Team Wrote >> I want to apologize to the general public for the stunt we pulled yesterday.

IT'S A JOKE people of

You people like gossip too much though. See how Y’all jumped on it, casting Eff-Ell Hian! And laughing Cos he borrowed money. Toh he didnt borrow any money it was just a publicity stunt

And to those that showed Him  genuine love.. I'm sure he saw all that Allah ya ije ku 😁.

Those that judged me, I hope your perfection lasts forever o, To those that believed I couldn't do that.. Yes! Nothing changed but no owe me.

Well, since we  still have your attention.  Watch how  Eff- Ell and I  settled  in this video.

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