Kaduna Based "African Michael Jackson" Drops New Music "Anti Corona Anthem"

Amb David Obama Onyekachi Geoman

Was born on the 16th of January 2010,into the family of Chief and Lolo Christopher Geoman.. This Multi-Talented Dancer.. Singer. Songwriter, Drummer and Piano Player started dancing in mimics to the legendary king of Pop,the late Michael Jackson at the age of 3 in his bedroom.. By 5 years he was already gracing the big stages.. In his 5 years a stage, this Enigma of a boy has had many firsts attached to his name, and in the process gradually creating an undeniable brand.. He is the first kaduna artiste,and youngest to perform at the one Lagos Fiesta in 2018 at the age of 8..He was invited to participate and perform at the Panafest in Ghana (The Return) at the age of 9,becoming the first Nigerian Artiste and also the youngest ever to perform on that platform.. He has shared the stage with Nigerian "A" artistes,which includes.. *Small Doctor.. Tuface Idibia.. Burna Boy.. Dija.. Zulee Zoo..Gordons.. McTagwaye. African China.. MC Accappela,Klint Da Drunk.. Also kiddies stars like Ozzy Bosco and OT.. Just to mention a few.*.

He was nominated as one one of the Top10 Wonder kids Entertainers in Nigeria, and has won several Awards..ie.. *National Humanitarian Awards as the National Humanitarian Dancer of the Year(for using his talent to fight for cancer),Global Peace Ambassadorial Awards(For using his talent to fight for peace).others include.. African Dance Academy Awards(Adaa) as the most Fierce dancer in Africa under the age of 18..Abuja Stars Awards(ASA),As the Fastest Rising Dancer if the year.. 2018...Nero Just Dance Entertainment Awards, as the Most Outstanding young dancer in Africa.. BEA Awards,As the Best Solo Dancer in Africa 2019..he is also the first Brand Ambassador for the Save Young Talent Foundation...The convener of the AMJ Peace Awards, and the Obama and friends Children's Day Mega Peace Concerts*...

He is the CEO of a CAC Registered Company.. African Michael Jackson Entertainment.. Under which he has started 3 sister companies.. *AMJ Records..(Which already has signed 2 artistes to its label), African Michael Jackson Entertainment School of Music, and a magazine titled Students Digest*.. All this before of by his Tenth Birthday.. His first single *Heal Nigeria* which was released and was the theme of his last year's Obama and friends Children's Day Mega Peace Concert,is a must listen to.. And since the Corvid19 Pandemic has distrupted the Season 2 of the Obama and friends show.. He has released this Masterpiece as his own way of fighting back.. The Anti Corona Anthem is a must listen to, and in his lyrics he reminded the world through the voice and eyes of innocent children,that *Corona Never Cares About Us*...Download.. Listen.. Share..




1: Sit Here, Stay There Everybody Come here
 Situations, All the Nations, Everybody Aggreviation,
Innocents on the news, everybody gone loose,
 Tall Men Short Everybody gone dead
Chorus: All I wanna say Corona never care about us (x2)
2: Hit me, Hate me, you can never break me,
Bill me, Drill me, you can never kill me,
 Do me, ruin me everybody help me,
 Kick me; catch me it’s not a black or white thing.
Chorus: All I wanna say Corona never care about (x2)                                                                                                      
3: I’ve been crying with no one to hear
I’ve got to be alive for those who love me,
 I don’t wanna be a victim of this thing ooo hmmm
 I’ve got to be strong on my feet, wash your hands clean for God’ sake,
I pray you don’t fall victim and be sick…….. Set me free
(Back to stanza 1)
4: Stay at home don’t tell me about your rights,
 Can’t you see that the world now is going crazy?
 Your carelessness making us victims of this thing ooo
It’s time to break this devil-ish chain,
 Let’s all keep social dis-tan-cing,
 I wanna live long on this land that my jah gave
You know I really dont have to say
 The government got all to say
 And if you really want keep living,
 You’ve got to keep listening yooooooo!!!! (Back to stanza 1)
Something’s in life that I really wanna see,
That if we really wanna keep living,
 We’ve got to keep social dis-tan-cing ooooo…………..
(Back to stanza 1)
All I wanna say Corona never care about (x2)
All I wanna say Corona never care about us

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