Rave Of The Moment "Mendos" Unveils Tracklist For "Vibe Fidays EP"

Read his Description Of The Tape Below. 

*Vibe fi dayz Tha EP*


Vibe fi days is an EP collection of Five (5) tracks written and composed by Kaduna based reggae/dancehall artist *Mendos Dauda Kachiro* popularly known as *FreshSkinianBoy..* This is a combination of sweet melodies, inspirational lyrics & Godly content. This Ep project addresses every aspect of a Man’s lifestyle..... from the spiritual, moral ethics, love and God who is the giver of all gift and talents... 

All five tracks 
were carefully and collectively picked by a team of musical strategists alongside management team of the brand (FRESHSKINIANBOY), out of many singles recorded.... 
The name “Vibe Fi Dayz” was consciously picked because of the ever blazing content of this EP, knowing that the selection of songs is a vibe that will forever sound fresh whenever being played and will always inspire you whenever you listen to it.... Explicit versatility is a gift *MENDOS* is blessed with... I assure you more than the satisfaction you expect from this project..

Sit back, relax and energize ya vibe as you listen to this EP...

Cc @Freshskinianboy on all streaming/media outlets 
Except for Facebook @ Mendosmusic

This project is inspired by errors I’ve made in the past and deliberate measures I have decisively decided to take in order to adjust and become the man I’ve always wanted to become... 
This project is to create an awakening in the lives of young men and women that slow doesn’t go far or win the race.... But steady is deliberate measure we must take in order to win the race... most importantly, if God is involved in whatever we do, we are rest assured that it’ll end up well.
Distractions will come, but once we prioritise our wants and needs, then we will know whats best for us, making it easy for us to chase our dreams and live our lives very fulfilled.... 

Email : Dannydave00@gmail.com
Call line : 07966134963

    *Track list*

1. *Life*. Prod by Jerrywine, mixed by Jerrywine
4. *Hussle spirit*. Prod by Jerrywine, mixed by Jerrywine 

3. *Only human*. Prod by kdream, Eflicks & JI, mixed & mastered by Kdream

4. *Don’t.* Prod by JI & SA, mixed and mastered by SA

5. *Legend*. prod  & Mixed by JI

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