Yson Yerima — "Gifts Of Discovery" (EP)


This project is truly a masterpiece put together for your listening pleasure, It will definitely blow your mind and influence certain narratives in your train of thought.

This EP is peculiar because it creates a thread that connects our minds as listeners. It is almost like, the Artist was telepathic and could read our hearts.

When a project has both direction and vision, it becomes something more that will stand the test of time. Like a musician's flute echoing through the ages. 

And one of its peculiar direction is that, it engineers young minds and talents to prepare for the journey ahead, giving them a blueprint on paths to follow and how to organize thoughts in order to achieve.

To be honest, GIFTS OF DISCOVERY should be carved up into a book, or maybe a documentary due to its elaborate nature. 

Artist's Input:-

It took me years of discovering myself before I could finally compile a body of work.. Not because I couldn't put out a quick studio project but because music is like a heart beating.. 

I needed more time and precision. To follow every tune and lyric surgically like a surgeon because the truth is like the human anatomy, Simple yet elaborate. 
And I see myself as a truth enthusiast. To dig, share and educate folks on reality and the the the concept of general truths. My content is an in depth knowledge simplified for even a 15 year old. 

My journey started at 15 and I had to face all the challenges that comes with being a broke teenager searching for destiny. I got inspired by my own voice and music.

The years of experience on my belt is no joke but it's all thanks to you for even giving me the opportunity to prove myself. 

GIFTS OF DISCOVERY is your plug for Truth and Reality. It is deliberate and some of the important truths and realities are :

Spoke about the God factor. About Covid 19. About Christ. About Peace, Discipline for winning and lastly, Day Dream... 

The fusion of several different genres is to properly convey the message to every mood of listeners without missing in any detail and I'll like to think we achieved that. 

And after going through this amazing body of work, it will become clearer why it was TITLED " GIFTS OF DISCOVERY "




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