"Often Times We Walk with God but don't let him Lead" Priinceton Talks About New Project

I always thought that passion is the same as purpose. I was wrong and God promises to fix that if only we let him give us a hand. I was passionate about music but my gift drifted me away from my purpose even more focusing too much on the soup to starve the soul.

You see often times we walk with God but don't let him lead. We call on him but neglect his call on us.

In the past I did songs with utter cluelessness of what may happen after release. Not because I didn't have fair plans, but because I lacked the capacity it took for a music to not just be good but take off. I just took shoots in the dark hoping to hit a defined target. Well it seemed promising but certainty is key to living the talk. And I'm a living witness of God's goodness through it all.

This is the longest I've ever worked on a project and it's the most mentally draining. When I started, I sure didn't think it will be this much of a work I tell you sinking everything into this...

It is both scary and exciting to see what the next phase of an intending career holds for me but listening to these songs I have been making gives me bewildering joy I can't wait to share it with the world.

See you guys soon.

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