Know More About The "Music Business" With @ArtisteSpotlight

Do you know the business of music demands more than the hobby of music?

The reason many promising rising musicians don't succeed in the music industry is because they rather believe in the fantasy of a manager turning them into superstars than putting in the work to become superstars.

Making it to limelight in the music industry is a tedious task that demands an established team as Artiste Spotlight with a vast amount of experience, time and resources to Spotlight your rising career.

Artiste Spotlight is a music agency that Spotlights promising musicians

One of the ways we ensure our Artists stay relevant in the music industry is by consistently researching new marketing ideas that will give
our Artists an edge above their fellow musicians.

What are the marketing ideas?

''One major marketing idea is the quality of streams you generate.''

Most times, the first thing Record Labels ask for is a link of your discography where they will access the amount of streams you have, the quality of your sound production and more. The simple reason is because they will be investing in you and want to see the amount of profit you will be able to generate when you're eventually signed to the record label.

*Other marketing ideas will be posted here soon, turn on post notifications so you don't miss any of them.*

One of the services we offer our customers(artists) is to generate organic streams on digital music stores and we do this by adding our customers songs to a curated playlist that will generate organic streams.

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