Breaking News: Green Panther Aka "African Michael Jackson" & Sisters Launch Online Tv

Kids if well guided are indeed the future leaders,this can be confirmed by the antecedents of the Multi talented Geoman kids namely "Amb RITA Geoman" a model in the making who has been casted by the famous Onyx Modeling Agency. 

"Amb Deborah Geoma" The 1st runner up winner of the kids guts talents show 2018, meticulous dancer and singer.

"Amb David Obama Onyekachi Geoman" The Green Panther Aka African Michael Jackson, the big superstar of the family, Multi-talented Multiple Award winner and Philanthropist, together they are called the *3Gees* which is the name of their Online Television show, the show which is dubbed "The Good Children Series" has them discussing about the societal ills and looking at causes and trying to provide solutions.

The online television which can be watched on *YouTube (@3Gees) on Instagram (@3geesofficial247) and on Facebook (@3Gees) 

3Gees are already receiving nice reviews and certainly looks like the way of the future.

when this reporter contacted their manager and indefatigable father the vision behind the 3Gees. 

High Chief Amb Christopher Geoman he responded by saying. I stumbled upon them one day arguing on a particular issue that I felt was above their mental capabilities and it dawned on me that the solutions to our problems could be from this kids so I decided to fuse them together and start this noble idea that hopefully will grow and even be bigger than the Oprah Winfrey show in America, in his word's, if I don't support them who will? 

it's good to know that someone is preparing this kids for tommorow. 

Hope investors are listening!

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