One On One With Machor | 10 Questions & Answers

One On One With Machor | 10 Questions & Answers.

1. Who is Machor?

Machor is an afro pop artist set to dominate the world with his unique sound

2. When did you start music? 

Have always been in the music world but let me say I started as Marchor year 2018.

3. Whats the title of your first song? 


4. Whats your relationship status? 

I'm Single

5. Who's your favourite Artist? 

Got a lot of favourite artist but my African favourite artist is Davido.

6. What should the world be Expecting from you next? 

More Great Sound From Machor.

7. Why do you think the world should pay more attention to you? 

Cause I am the next Big thing.

8. Have you ever cried for love?

Capital No

9. Aside music, what's your other passion? 

Aeronautical Engineering

10. Mention (5) Artists you listen to the most. 

In no particual Order would go for Jessejags ,Davido , 2Baba ,Drake , Damian Marley could go on and on though.

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