Indygo x Boc Madaki x DJ Cinch x Flexxzy — Dole (Remix)

Six months on from releasing the original version, DOLE has been slow burner, steadily gathering pace thanks to it getting a lot of push on an underground level. Hence, the need to have this Remix featuring two of Arewa's biggest mainstream rappers in B.o.C Madaki and DJ Cinch who both brought their A-game to the table, making this a serious contender for one of the biggest songs to come out of Northern Nigeria in 2022. Along with a music video which is set to drop not too long after, Fl3xxzy and Indygo Zoft believe that this song is a stepping stone to more 3PLEHMG exposure and domination going forward as a full length joint project is expected from the dynamic duo in 2023.

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