ALBUM: BHP Music — The Playlist

BHP's "The Playlist" is a compilation of songs by the artists who are currently under the umbrella of BHP Ent which includes Abyssinia, RossBHP, Dr. Kozzo, Tshayne, D33BHP and frontrunner President Zik. Featuring guest appearances from Odumodu Blvck, Eeskay, INZ, Mvkvmv, S3lch, Suranu and Zilla Oaks the compilation truly plays out like a playlist containing various genres, fusions and styles of delivery, from the drill inflected 'Abeg' and 'Babies', to the trap influenced 'Vamonos' and 'Drippin', and also to the R&B interpretations of Ross and President Zik on 'Running High' and 'That Nigga' respectively. A highlight of the project is the expansive production that was achieved, making the music sound grand and polished. The playlist aptly displays the diversity of the talents belonging to the collective cum label. BHP is known for their vast network across the North especially Jos, Kaduna and Abuja and this playlist further solidifies their influence and role in the growth of the entertainment industry north side.


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