Meet The First ‘Male Dancer’ At The Kuti’s Shrine, Bendancer!

Meet BENJAMIN DANIEL GABRIEL, aka Bendancer the first “Male dancer” at the Kutis shrine.


Meet The First ‘Male Dancer’ At The Kuti’s Shrine, Bendancer!!


Bendancer is a professional Choreographer who has shared the stage with the likes of M.I Abaga, Ycee, Ice Prince, Classiq, B.O.C Madaki, and has also worked with numerous dance companies in Nigeria.

He is the Chief Executive Officer Of Ben-Dancer Academy International, which is the first of its kind in the Northeast.

According to Bendancer, the dance academy was created to promote and coach young people in different genres of dance and create platforms for them to exhibit their God-Given Talents.

Ben has been dancing for sixteen years and as he said, it has always been his passion and an opportunity to reach out to other lives. He revealed that he feels so at peace whenever he dances.


Meet The First ‘Male Dancer’ At The Kuti’s Shrine, Bendancer!!


Which Genre gets you at your pick

Afrobeat of course.

How has your journey been working with Made Kuti.

It has been a very great and awesome journey working with Made Kuti. It is actually good when you are working with someone who shares your vision and idea and you rob minds together.


Meet The First ‘Male Dancer’ At The Kuti’s Shrine, Bendancer!!

I have worked with a lot of artists but I find it so peaceful working with Made. The vision he has it’s beyond ourselves.

The changes we are trying to make it’s not about money or fame but how can this talent we have impact not just our immediate generation but the forthcoming generation and that’s what Made Kuti, the movement, and Bendancer is all about.

Do you think you have made as much impact as you would love to?

I would say I have done so far but I have not really come into that particular person I want to see in other people.


Meet The First ‘Male Dancer’ At The Kuti’s Shrine, Bendancer!!

The reason being that, I always say these words; For a great man to be celebrated, it’s for him to die empty and for him to die empty, is to replicate these things in the younger generation, you see them rising.

I would not be satisfied until I see a generation of people who can dance without drugs or alcohol or any substance and they believe in their true selves, thrive beyond their limitations, and become something great.

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