Mr. Sos — The Goat (ALBUM)

Mr. SOS also known as Soskid is Back Again with the most Anticipated Extended Plays Of 2023. 

New Album By Mr SOS & Soskid – The GOAT Album Mp3 Download. Mr. SOS & Soskid: One Artist, Two Names, Two Genres, One Great Album.

Mr. SOS and Soskid is a Nigerian artist who uses two names and two different music genres to create a unique and versatile sound. On his album “The GOAT,” Mr. SOS showcases his Afrobeats skills, while Soskid brings his hip-hop expertise to the table.

The album opens with the track “KD to Kano,” a catchy Afrobeats song with a driving beat and infectious lyrics. Mr. SOS sings about his journey from his hometown of Kaduna to the big city of Kano, and how he’s determined to make it big in the music industry.

The next track, “King Of The Street,” is a hard-hitting hip-hop song from Soskid. Soskid raps about his rise to the top of the Nigerian hip-hop scene, and how he’s not afraid to take on anyone who challenges him.

The third track, “Dem No Dey Tell Person,” is a hip-hop collaboration between Soskid and Alphabet. The song is a cautionary tale about the dangers of envy and jealousy, and how it can lead to people trying to bring you down.

The fourth track, “More Lappy,” is another hip-hop collaboration, this time between Soskid and Mo-Ice. The song is a celebration of Soskid’s success and his lavish lifestyle.

The next three tracks, “Ogogoro,” “NoNo,” and “Na Who,” are all Afrobeats songs from Mr. SOS. “Ogogoro” is a party anthem about drinking and having fun, while “NoNo” is a more sensual track about love and desire. “Na Who” is a motivational song about overcoming adversity and achieving your goals.

The album closes with the track “Don’t leave Me,” a beautiful Afrobeats ballad from Mr. SOS and Soskid. The song is a plea to a lover to stay with them, and it’s the perfect way to end the album.

Overall, “The GOAT” is a solid album from Mr. SOS and Soskid. It’s a good mix of Afrobeats and hip-hop, and it showcases the artist’s versatility and talent. If you’re a fan of either genre, then you’ll definitely want to check out this album.

Here are some of the things that make “The GOAT” a great album:

  • The album features a good mix of Afrobeats and hip-hop, which showcases Mr. SOS and Soskid’s versatility.
  • The album has a lot of catchy songs with infectious melodies and lyrics.
  • The production on the album is top-notch, and the beats are sure to get you moving.
  • The album features some talented guest artists, such as Alphabet and Mo-Ice.

If you’re looking for a new album to listen to, I highly recommend checking out “The GOAT” by Mr. SOS and Soskid. It’s a great album for fans of both Afrobeats and hip-hop, and it’s sure to get you moving and grooving.


1: KD to Kano (Mr SOS & Soskid)

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2: King Of The Street (Soskid)

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3: Dem No Dey Tell Person (Soskid ft Alphabet)

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4: More Lappy (Soskid ft Mo-Ice)

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5: Ogogoro (Mr SOS)

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6:NoNo (Mr SOS)

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7: Na Who (Mr SOS)

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8: Don’t leave Me (Mr SOS & Soskid)

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