Nedu Wazobia Teams Up With Gora Street Carnival Worldwide, Calls For Pre-Carnival Talents Hunt This November

Prepare for an unforgettable celebration as Nedu Wazobia, the comedic genius also known as Alhaji Musa, teams up with Gora Street Carnival Worldwide for the 12th edition, aptly named "Charity Begins in Kaduna." This collaboration marks a poignant return for Nedu Wazobia to the city that shaped his journey, as he brings his talents back to Kaduna with a mission to give back to the community that played a pivotal role in his life. It's not just a carnival; it's a heartfelt homecoming filled with laughter, talent, and a commitment to philanthropy.

The Gora Street Carnival Worldwide has become a hallmark event, and this year's theme emphasizes the spirit of charity and community support. Nedu Wazobia's involvement adds an extra layer of excitement, as fans and enthusiasts eagerly anticipate his live performance, expecting nothing less than his signature blend of humor and entertainment. This collaboration underscores the carnival's dedication to fostering a sense of community and uplifting the city of Kaduna.

The 12th edition of Gora Street Carnival is not just a spectator event; it's an open invitation for local talents to shine. If you have a gift for singing, dancing, comedy, or any other form of artistic expression, this is your chance to step into the limelight and showcase your abilities. The carnival serves as a massive talent platform, offering aspiring artists the opportunity to share their skills with a larger audience and potentially catapult their careers to new heights.

To ensure a seamless showcase of the finest talents, a pre-carnival auditioning and screening process has been incorporated. This meticulous selection process ensures that the final event is a dazzling display of the most exceptional talents Kaduna has to offer. From November 24th to 26th, 2023, the streets of Kaduna will come alive with the vibrant energy of the Gora Street Carnival, uniting the community in celebration, laughter, and a shared love for the arts. Save the dates for an experience that transcends entertainment – it's a celebration of culture, talent, and the spirit of giving back.

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