[BIOGRAPHY] All You Need To Know About A-list Nigerian Rapper ***GOTHEEQ***

**Gotheeq (Stephen Auta)** is a Nigerian hip-hop artist hailing from Kaduna State. Born Stephen Auta, he gained prominence in the rap scene under the stage name "Gotheeq." His journey in the hip-hop world began in 1994, marked by freestyle battles on the streets. In 2006, he participated in a battle competition, a pivotal moment that steered his trajectory toward a career in rap.

Gotheeq's early dedication to understanding hip-hop as a culture and its core elements set the foundation for his later success. Notably, he secured victory in the Hip-Hop Clinic Freestyle Rap Battles, a testament to his prowess in the genre.

The artist's discography includes impactful projects such as "Mind Artistry" (2020) and "FLOWENCY" EP (2024). Additionally, Gotheeq has collaborated on noteworthy tracks like "D'Terror Dark Tape - Dark Days" (2017) and "Sami Tesla on a Collision Course" (2021).

His rap journey is marked by a commitment to authenticity and skill development. Before transitioning to recording, Gotheeq honed his craft through freestyle battles and comprehensive studies of hip-hop culture.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Gotheeq has a broader mission — to make a positive impact on his immediate community and beyond. His goal is to utilize his life and music as a conduit for achieving this mission, fostering a connection between his artistic expression and social impact.

With roots in Kaduna State, Gotheeq continues to be a dynamic force in the Nigerian hip-hop scene, embodying a commitment to authenticity, skill, and a mission-driven approach to his craft.

Cc: Verse Unclock.

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