THC Presents "Come Rep Your Hood" The Rap Champions League (This February)

The hustlefreestyleCypher comes with yet again another mind blowing event for rapper's and freestylers alike tagged "come rep your hood" basically this event is ment to bring kd as a whole to lime light and show case all the hoods in kd and their passion for music and rap skills. 

This event will hold various editions before the main event that might even come to your hood so this here is an opportunity to claim the bragging rights as KDs best rap battler and freestylers alike as it reflects to the hood you come from. 

The sub events will hold like this in areas like television, Sabo, u/Boro, mahuta, Highcost, Narayi, b/stone, Karji ETC. 

Please these venues are just for now and THC will like that any hood and it's catchment that would want an edition in their hood can simply make arrangements for a good venue where the edition will hold in their hood then link us up  we will be glad to come over and please as this is to hold every Sunday till the event day on February 29.  

So interested hoods should try and make necessary arrangements in time so that we can have their Sunday ready The hustlefreestyleCypher welcomes you all and hope to have a wonderful time at your hood let's make this a reality the rules of the game are no fighting, crowd get to judge and let's have fun.

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