HP Music – Crazy Love

About "CRAZY L♡VE"

Crazy Love For Me, Is The Greatest Love Song I've Ever Written, And It May Be, One Of The Greatest Love Songs Written On Earth That Ascends To Heaven, To The Holies Of Holies.

I love To Call him " L♡VE INVENTER "             

I've Always Loved Love Songs, Yes I've Been In Love & Also I've Been Heart Broken Before.

But After The Experience, I Realised That " Jesus Is The Only Perfect Lover " (John 15:13) He has Been Loving Me From Day 1 (My Lover From The Womb) He Has Always Been Patient With Me, Iv'e Always Broken his Heart By My Unwise Action's & Reaction's From Day 1, But Still He Call's Me " The Apple Of His Eyes"

 So This Song Is Written & Dedicated To You ( Jesus ) The Lover Of My Soul........I Just Want To Use It And Express My Gratitude. I Love You Jesus

Truely Yours


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