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this is an infrared hammer dolphin massager with three different cups for three different uses.

it is used as a treatment device for the relief of pain,irregular menstruation,low sperm count,weak erection for men who are finding it difficult to perform in bed,rheumatism,arthritis,and also as a general body massager for the relief of stress to feel energetic without the use of any drugs.

Mr John had been battling with hand paralysis for over two years and had spent almost 1million naira for treatment and drugs in this two years. 

It was back in kano, i had gone to the hospital to create awareness about the "MIRACLE" slippers and that was when i saw Mr John. He told me he hasn't been able to use the right hand for the past two years and that life has been difficult for him since his right hand became numb and stiff.

 at first, he didnt believe the "MIRACLE" Slippers would work for him, but when i used the patches on his palm at that moment,his hand felt sensitive and he felt the flow of blood and the hand began to regain its strength. 

few weeks later,Mr John called and said he was now able to move his hand and that it was now flexible,and he was using his once stiff hand to hold the phone he was using to speak with me at that present moment. the excitement in his voice was overwhelming and i was so happy for him.

The "MIRACLE" massage slippers is no ordinary slippers, it is an advanced Acupuncture massage therapy practiced by the ancient chinese people for the past 1000 years. This massage method helps with the treatment of different illnesses affecting the human nerve points. 

DO you suffer from Arthritis, stroke, paralysis, weak erection, low sperm count, general body pain, muscular ache...and many more illnesses?

this massage therapy treats you in 1-10 days.

Do you suffer any body pain,waist pain for people who find it difficult to walk or stand straight. the "MIRACLE" Slippers reliefs you of all pain even migraine. with the "MIRACLE" Slippers at home,you are more powerful than the doctor because you have the ability with the help of the "MIRACLE" Slippers to treat yourself at home and anywhere else.

for pregnant women who suffer fro waist and leg pain, you are advice not to use with the device but can wear the "MIRACLE" Slippers to walk around to relief pain around the waist and legs.


THE "MIRACLE" Slippers is going for such an amazing and affordable price at the cost of #28500 naira only and you don't even have to pay a penny for delivery. once you make a payment of #15000,your "MIRACLE" Slippers would be delivered down to you where ever you are in less than 48 hours.


for more info and enquiries: 08132912464, 07063648887.

This compact, fully automatic blood pressure monitor provides quick and simple blood pressure and pulse rate readings. This voice-enabled, table-top unit is designed for household use.

Model: C-Tone BL-BP928B


Battery operated with 4 AA batteries

Auto-inflate sleeve

Approximately 250 tests with each battery change

Stores up to 120 results for each of 2 users or groups including date and time information

Provides blood pressure average from last 3 results

Displays World Health Organization (WHO) blood pressure classification based on reading

Irregular heartbeat indicator

Expected product lifetime: 3 years of 10 readings per day

Voice-enabled for sight-impaired

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C-Tone Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

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