This is the 24th Piece Of The Hamlord Series By Graffiti Hamlord Jesse Josh

Help me tag @akon for his great passion and love towards Africa! When driving or running in the dark the only way to know that there is a hole in front of you is only when you turn on your lights. 

I can imagine what Africa would be like in the next 20 years If all the black celebrities in the world who have made some good fame and riches collectively join hands in giving back to Africa just to fix some major challenges of insecurity, hunger, poverty and so much more untold hardships that people go through on a daily that our government haven't been able to solve. 

If Africa is really a dark hole with so much potentials then we should light up Africa.

Our ancestors are watching, you can see their eyes in the dark, they are weeping hard, but they only want us to show more love. If they made a mistake we can correct it!

Its really a shameful thing to see how celebrities with so much money only care about themselves spending money on things that can't change or add value to another soul out there but could even kill them; busy singing about love and claiming to be from Africa.

If we truly believe in black excellence then we will learn to make the whole world see its beauty and not runaway from it or despise it. Civilization started from here remember?

Title: Light up the dark hole

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 4ft x 6ft

Year: 2020

Note: this is the 24th piece off the hamlord series #hamlordseries of 30 solid paintings. 6 more to go!!! 

With gratitude and all the loving support from your heart. Kindly help me tag a friend to like the post and help me tag @akon on Instagram for more reach! 

Nagode! πŸ™πŸΎ

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