Turakin Arewa "Jakes Tudu" Goshes Over Son "Jahmai" As he Clocks 4 months

Turakin Arewa "Jakes Tudu" Goshes Over Son "Jahmai" As he Clocks 4 months. 

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"Its been 4 months since I first met you Jahmai Tudu"

I had no clue what to expect when you came into this world, but I’m happy to report you have filled me with more joy than I could have ever imagined.

I thank you for being the one with whom I get to experience all of these firsts. There is no one else who could have done it. God chose you, my little King.

While you could care less about rolling over, you have hit the belly laugh milestone. And there’s not a sweeter sound in our lives right now.

When we get you in a laughing fit, everything in the house stops and everyone comes over to see you.

You never fail to put on a good show that I often wonder if I have a future performer on my hands.

Thank you for showing us that we have plenty of room in our heart for you. 

I pray that you grow up strong and sweet and that you know and love Jesus and that you have a heart for others.

I pray that you never let this world dull your bright and lovely personality.

I pray that the world is less cruel to you than it can be. Because it will be cruel. But I’ll do my best to soften it, if even just a little.

I pray that you are courageous and kind and generous and patient. I already see so much of this in you, and it makes me so proud to call you mine.

Welcome to your 4th month on earth son.

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