CEO "Tripple P Empire" Goshes Over Daughter "Princess" As She Turns 8

Do you know how much you mean to me?
Heaven's priceless gift to me
An Angel who, for me, left her wings
You have no idea how much happiness you bring.
When I first held you in my arms,
I looked at you and saw myself reflected in your face.
Your unspoiled soul filled with innocence.
Is it the fondness in your eyes?
Or the tenderness of your little touch?
All these are memories that forever, I want to hold and treasure.
As I watch you grow,
My heart is filled with so much joy.
Feelings, so beautiful I never want to soil.
You are growing so fast, it sends me on a twirl
Where is my little girl?
Sometimes, I may seem harsh and unfair
But one day, you will realize I only did care.
With God in your heart, you will hold the world by its tail.
Over every battle shall you prevail.
There is so much out there for you to see
And i will lead you by the arm to show you the world and all its charms.
A Queen is not known by the sparkle of her tiara,
But by the beauty of her heart and bravery of her mind.
Tall, proud and head high must you stand
For you, my princess, are the fairest of them all! 

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