Hon. Cafra Caino Thanks His Supporters For The Unwavering Support

To our teaming supporters, thank you for the love, selflessness, sacrifice and dedication.

Over the weeks we've gone through a lot, invested our time seeking for cooperation.

We are doing well and on track, our hope is on the increase daily because of the warmth reception and overwhelming acceptability.

I assure you that we are winning and will win the elections in Kajuru LGA any day, any time.
Things have changed over time because our work speaks for us.

I call on all of you to be calm and focused as we await our victory on 25th September, 2021.

Together we'll build a Kajuru of our dreams.

Thank You and God bless.

Victoria Ascerta!

I love you all

Hon. Cafra Boaz Caino
APC Chairmanship Candidate, Kajuru LGA.

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