KADUNA: Here’s an opportunity for you to learn something New with Only N500 (Today is the last day for Registration)

KADUNA: Here’s an opportunity for you to learn something New with Only N500 ( Today is the last day for registration) so Hurry πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ—£

knowing the plight facing our dear nation due to covid 19 pandemic and insecurity, most people have lost their jobs, most graduate can't secure a job, most secondary school graduate falls back to the streets due to lack of admission or finance to further their education, this and the level of unemployment have given birth to insecurity, prostitution, hoodlums, depression, sucide, murder, thuggery and a lot of ill health bad lifestyle in the quest for survival. We are doing this project, Off the streets to create legitimate source of lively hood, for the youth and vulnerable, also to keep minds busy away from things that will hinder them from been a better person, it's also a ground to make great professional network with great people. Most people go to any length to make sure they meet their day to day needs and that of their family. The project is also a form of sanitizing the society and a means of encouraging legitimate hustle and also make the youth focus and productive to reduce crime rate and other form of social vices. It will creates a profitable self reliable job opportunity for the youth and vulnerable. Highly profiled professionals have decided to spread love by making sacrifices to give skills for free from on the 27 of sept to 23 Oct @ chimcherry Hotel Barnawa kaduna. The skills courses includes :

Fashion Design, Make-up, Catering, Hair Dressing/wig Making, Film Production,
Film Lighting, Make-up Special Effects, Cosmetology, Cinematography, Photography,
Editing, Graphic Design, Animation, Acting, Dance, Computer Programming, Web Design,
Script Writing, Freelance Journalism, Music And Audio Production, Disc Jockey (dj), Creative Art,
Film Sound, Leather Work, Tye And Dye, Poultry Farming, agriculture, Leadership, Entrepreneur,
Event Management, Drone Piloting, Wire Work, Bead Making, Digital Marketing, Sports: Volleyball,
Football, Badminton, Aerobics, Metal Work, Welding / Fabrication and Machining. We will be grateful if you also join us in spreading love by sharing this on all ur social media handles and if necessary support a vulnerable person around you logistically to attend, by so doing, you can put a lasting smile on peoples face, this can be their legitimate source of income. You can also grab this golden opportunity, the only secured job is when you are skillful or self employed. We don't only give skills but we also make our participant productive by engaging them in various project. Thanks God bless you. Together we can make it work.

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