Swagzkeed — Never Quit (Ft. Kel Cypha & Mr. Nomeys)

Finally Here Comes Never Quit By Swagzkeed Alongside Kel Cypha and Mhizta Nomeys. Download and Enjoy!

Kel Cypha!, Swagskeed.. Mhista Nomeys!!  (Another one)
Never quit never leave never quit,even when it's tough try to never stop...(no time)
even when it is hard
Never quit never leave never quit
Even when its tough try to never stop
Even when it is hard

My verse:
You can never ever ever 
Be the boss and grab the server 
Met your girl I swear I'll deaf her 
Love all girl but not all flavors
Swagskeed that's me I'm the fastest
Trapping raping beat dats casted 
Yesterday i..i just fasted
I'm speaking rubbish that's casted
Forever gonna be the best
Challenge me I swear I'm gonna always be the first
Thinking and thinking
My Phone is ringing and ringing
I keep on singing and singing 
and now I'm gonna take a rest.
We all just hope for the best
Everybody want to make it want to be success
Killing and killing
That's what I'm feeling and feeling
I keep on dealing and dealing
As I just open my chest
Hail my star who is lil Uzi
And my crush who is miss Lucy
If you call me you'll hear busy
All she wants is "fuck that pussy"
I don't know the meaning of fuzzy
I don't like the smell of the juicy
It is stinky like miss Suzy 
If you hear it you will know it
Ask for who can do rapcore 
Mad for rap or who can do much more
I won't quit this shit cause I am the rapgod 
Swagskeed they call me cause I do murder word
I'm legendary
Kel, Nomeys and me swagskeed
Aiming on top of my dreams
Feeling like king 
I never knew I can sing
Both rap and afro in my genes!!!!

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