[Music Review] Yson Yerima — "Letter To Mum" [Off The Gifts Of Discovery EP]

Song title: LETTER TO MUM
Genre:Rap/hip hop
Released date:12-11-2021

The song starts with an intro by YSON, appreciating his producer KAZKEY BEAT, and admit writing a letter to mama which is coming from the heart.

The song has two verses both taken by YSON.

There's a chorus that comes after and before each of the verses

LETTER TO MUM is a very spiritual and inspirational song from Nigerian talented songwriter "YSON YERIMA.

The song"YSON expresses love and appreciation to his mum.... also talked about the hard time and dark moment his mum went through after losing his dad😢 how his mum strives hard and make deep sacrifices to give them the best of everything within her power and beyond.

He spoke about making mama proud and acknowledging with gratitude everything mama thought him by telling mama not to worry things will be fine and promises to make her proud as he sees better days ahead than the present.

No doubt, this is an amazing song with an impressive performance and we advise lovers of good music to check the full EP.

Therefore all things rated 💯/💯

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