(12) Reasons Why Southern Kaduna Artists Barely Gets Attention & Due Respect By "D'Paramount"

[Here are the 12 Reasons Why We SK Artists Barely Gets Attention And Has No Regard From Those Outside] 

1. We Don't Hype Or Promote Each Others Craft. 

2. We Envious, Jealous And Always Speaking ill Of Each Other. 

3. The Younger Once Don't Respect The OG's. 

4. Some Of The OG's Encourage The Younger Once To Look Down On The Their Senior men. 

5. We Don't Share Each Others Craft, Most Especially When Any Of Us Drops A New Jam. 

6. We Always Looking Down On Ourselves No Matter How Hard One Tries. 

7. The Event Planners Treats Artists Like, They Are Doing The Artists A Favor By Featuring Them In Their Events. 

8. Hotels Owners Feels Giving Out their Venue To Event Planners Is A Favor To The Events Planners, Not Knowing That Without The Artists Or The Events, Hotels Are Mare Buildings. 

9. We Barely Pay For Promotions. 

10. Most Of Us Don't Want To Sacrifice For The Growth Of SK Ent. 

11. We The OG's Our Mouth Is Not One. 

12. Hypocricy And Backstabbers Choke. 

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