[Biography] Know More About "Ebony Intoh Daniels"

Ebony Intoh Daniels (Born 11th October,1994) is a Nigeria actress.

Born: 11th October, 1994 (age 27) in Kaduna, Kaduna State.

Nationality: Nigerian

Other names: Ebony Intoh Daniels, Esther Daniel.

Occupation: Acting, Entrepreneur
Years of Active - 2019 - Present
Notable Work: Guardian of the Throne, Taboo.

Status: Single

Parent: Mr Daniel Idzi Nagwai
Mrs Deborah Daniel

Hobby: Dancing, Listening to Music, Watching movies, traveling and talking.

Early Life:
Ebony Intoh Daniels hails from the southern part of Kaduna State, Ninzom by tribe. She was born in Kaduna State to the family of Mr. & Mrs Daniel Idzi Nagwai.

She started her primary school in Hakan Nursery and primary school in Kaduna, she started her secondary school education in Jupavi International School and graduated in Victory Secondary School, both in Kaduna State. She went further and graduated with NCE in PES/CRS at College of Education Kaduna State.

Right after her NCE, she moved into the filming world where she got featured in movies like Guardian Of the Throne, Taboo, among many others.

Ebony Intoh Daniels is been tagged as the fastest raising actress in Nigeria because of her versatile acting skills.

She currently based in Owerri.
Her hobbies include Dancing, Listening to Music, Watching movies, Travelling and talking.
She is single and has so far acted in about 10+ movies.

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