See Kaduna Based Artist "Jesse Josh's" Official Painting On Canvas For 2022 Titled "Agogon Biri" (Monkey's Watch)

This is my first official painting on canvas for 2022.

Title: Agogon biri

It’s about time and this civilian is fully aware of it, plotting on how to go about his normal monkey business for the time is here. With so much highness seen through his eyes you know he is definitely up to something.

He has smoked enough but won’t drop it or pass it on to the next. He must be full of himself, mischievous, very selfish and power drunk, “shegen biri kawai!’. I mean if his head is too big for the white cap why not pass it to whom it will fit?

He is a very bad boy sitting on top of your votes, a fellow civilian holding your civilian cap since 1960, and you gave him the rights to so don’t even complain.

If you want to change the game for good you have to find the truth, know it for thyself and follow it with all sincerity.

Don’t sell your rights, but shine your eyes well well this time.

Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 4 x 5 ft
Year: 2022
Series: Passion of the apes
Artist: Jesse Josh

Wristwatch: depicts time
White cap: depicts civilian/civilian rule
Marijuana: depicts being under the influence of a certain drug
Ballot box: depicts our votes
Purple: depicts royalty, wealth and supremacy
Yellow tones: depicts the banana

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