Kel Cypha — God Of Miracle (Ft. Uncle DIA & Boc Madaki)

God Of Miracle Is A Song So Dear To Me Because It Kept Ringing In My Head After My Accident. 

People Of God, We Made "#GodOfMiracle" The Same Day I Was Supposed To Have My Surgery.

I'm Grateful For Life, I'm Grateful For Those That Stood By Me When I Almost Lost Hope. 

Well, I'm Still Healing But I'm Off My Clutches...This Is My Testimony. 




Nothing Like That Mehn
Kel Cypha...
You Say, You Say! 
"Clears Throat"
You See Ehmmm? 

Oga Pontius Pilate, Enter New Year with one leg
Some Church rat, plus high men, Dem Don dey pray for my death. 
some say I change, climate, Like Murpheus I just rym it. 

Lamba Goma like Jayjay
Orkuoto ekeneze Like Goje
Oya go gain.

Me I dey general market dey sell my market. 
I hear from Judith and Caleb say blow na grace of God, no be by talent. 
Police sef see me as target before I take shortcut, Dem knack a man palette, I no get money for wallet, last night I spray for club, this na tears after death. 

I spent cold nights on a rough sea
I'm so far gone like the north east. 
rugged like ripped up jeans
I heavy I dey pour spit

shock like Adam when he burst eve, like herdsmen I dey nurse beef
The Lord taketh and the Lord gives
Plus I came with punchlines wey dey burst Teeth 

See the way I dey bounce through the valley of the shadow of death

Even devil sef e gas to confess

Say the boy get ororo for head

See the way him dey dey flow easy no stress 

Now they try to put a hex on me, heaven says Hell No this one is blessed

Now Reminiscing how the life that I'm living right now was my prayer request

Well they thought that they buried a seed but I germinated

congratulations, glad I made it

Even when the industry is saturated 

I'ma reach the peak till they ask how we did it 

Jibi rayuwa na toh abin mamaki 

Girma kaman an Zuba taki

Magen gida ya zama zaki

Albarku ga naka ga naki

but the Living God that I Serve 
na him dey watch my back like CCTv

Evil men may try hard but I get power that was given to me

so me I no dey taya
mu bar su chan a baya....Tintini 

the devil is a liar,
the devil is a liar... 
make e kuku free me


For Say You No Dey By My Side 
No Be Small Tears For Dey My Eye 

Shey Make I Cry? Or Make I Smile 
Shey I Dey Happy, Shey I Lied?? 

The Day Phil Chase Died I Cried 
Gashi Wa Irin Mu Ba A Hype 

Duk Da Bamu Yi Mu Nanata 
Bana Ji Kamar Ba Kan Ta 

Don Yawan Yi Mana Abubuwan Al’ajibi Baya Sa Ubangiji Ya Gaji 

Ga Kariyan Da Yake Mun,Shigowa Na Kan Sa Duk Mai Mugun Nufi Ya Tafi 

In Zamu Yi Wasa Warwason Tiketin Ake Yi Like Buhun Kudi A Gari 

Ta Dalilin Sa Na Kubuta Daga Hannun Magabta Da Munanan Yanayi 

Miracle No Dey Tire Jesus 
They Used To Say I Do Not Deserve.... 
....The Job But Now Dem Dey Hire Me First 
Wuta Kawai,Me Just Dey Fire Me Verse 
Switch Level To A Better Me Version 
Fadin Gaskiya Attract Foes 
But We Advance Bro 
Ina Ta Kumfa Da Hard Flows,But I No Dey Lather With Soap

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