[ALBUM] Cris Kester — 20:16:18


Cris Kester's Musical Journey: "20-16-18"

Cris Kester, a Nigerian-born musician based in Canada,
Just released his latest album, "20-16-18." This album marks
a momentous occasion, both for Cris's birthday and his career.


"20-16-18" is not just an album; it's a deeply personal venture for Cris. 

It is his way of expressing gratitude to his loyal supporters and sharing the significant chapters of his life's journey. 

The album reflects his experiences from his roots in Nigeria to his current life in Canada. According to Cris, "this album is more
than music, it's a reflection of my journey and a tribute to the incredible voyage we've embarked upon together."

The album weaves together diverse cultures and musical influences, a reflection of Cris's life experiences. 

It takes listeners on a cross-cultural journey, from the pulsating rhythms of Nigerian streets to the contemporary melodies of Canada. 

The album transcends musical boundaries, creating a sonic bridge that connects hearts across continents.

Join Cris Kester in celebrating both his birthday and the release of "20-16-18" Follow Cris on his social media platforms for exclusive updates and sneak peeks into
the creative. 


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