'YM Hushall & Psychedelic Drip' Unveils New Official Logo For Their Music/Fashion Brand

Public Service Announcement!

The brand YM Hushall and Psychedelic Drip will now this piece of Art as another identity for their Music and Fashion brand respectfully......

*The obvious "P" represent Psychedelic the modeling side of our Artiste and Model

*In the middle of it is a stylish (Cross) that represent our Christian Life Christ hung up on it

*Down below is "Y" representing Yohanna from YM Hushall (Yohanna Manduru Hushall)

_This art is inspired by *Tau rho Cross*

So in this regard for any where u will get to see this is believe u see our Artiste and Model (YM Hushall) from now hence forth....

Sign: Management
Date: 16th December 2023

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